Furniture Vinyl Straps

On this page are the vinyl strap colors that will compliment your furniture and setting.  In the vinyl strapping selection, there are 54 colors to choose from.  Vinyl straps come in varies widths and some have a texture.  Not all colors are available in all widths (2″, 1.5″ and 1″).  Patio Furniture Repair, LLC has access to j-clips, s-clips, rivets, c-clips, e-clips, and screw & washers, which are used to attach vinyl straps to the furniture frame.

Keep in mind that the colors on your screen may differ slightly from the real thing, and not all colors may be available at any given time.  When an appointment is set up we will bring out actual samples of the fabric and vinyl.

COVID-19 Update

We are open for business.  

As long as COVID19 is around, Please let us know if you require Patio Furniture Repair, LLC staff to wear face covering during sales calls or during repairs.  We will practice Social Distancing while at your home.