Product Description: FIRST Umbrella Locking System for Docks and Decks that’s effective and easy to use.  This innovation locks down an umbrella stand in a matter of seconds to a surface, such as a deck or dock by utilizing the gap between the boards to access the underside of the deck.  It eliminates the need for expensive, heavy, stands that are hard to move around and mar or scratch the finish of your deck. It is designed to work with both wood and composite decks.
The Umbrella-Lok comes fully assembled and breaks down easily for storage.  It is manufactured using corrosion and U.V. resistant materials and is warrantied for one year.

To use this product the gap between your deck boards needs to larger than 3/16 of an inch and there must be an opening in your umbrella stand larger than ½ inch.

Black powder coating with clear coat.

Part number UL-001

I will be glad to bring out the Umbrella-Lok to our appointment when we are discussing your outdoor furniture repairs.  I only sell to my furniture customers at this time.

Disclaimer: While the video shows the umbrella open to show how well it will stay in place during a strong wind.  You still must take the appropriate precautions in closing the umbrella when not in use or when a storm or high winds are projected.  Damage to the umbrella still may occur due  to high winds and not limited to broken ribs, torn canopy, or broken mast.  The umbrella still may blow over or away if it is not secured in the base.  Patio Furniture Repair, LLC (reseller) or Umbrella-Lok (manufacturer) are not responsible for damage from neglect, improper installation of umbrella into stand, tornados, hurricanes, not closing the umbrella when not in use and securing the canopy when closed.